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Cancer Immunotherapy involves engineering immune cells in the body to recognise and eradicate cancer cells as they would a virus or bacteria. Immune cells already do this in the body, but scientists are finding strategies to make this immune recognition and eradication of cancer more effective. Huge strides are being made in small academic labs worldwide, particularly in the US, but they desperately need more funds. Many experts agree that immunotherapy holds the potential to treat, and in the long term CURE, a wide range of cancers. This therapy holds the promise of a safe, non-toxic way of curing cancer with cutting edge science. The Cancer Immunotherapy Fund is special in that we do not want to fund pre-clinical laboratory based research. We want to fund research that is ready to become translational and hopes to head into clincal trials within the next few years. We want to fund research that has the potential to reach cancer patients fast and save lives now. Please help us! DONATE NOW

What The Experts Say:

''The past decade has witnessed a remarkable change in the way in which clinicians, researchers and patients view advanced cancer.  It is now clear that the power of a patients’ own immune system can be harnessed to treat their cancer. Numerous clinical studies designed to unleash or redirect patients’ immune cells against tumor cells have led to remarkable elimination of blood-borne and solid tumours, leading to complete elimination of cancer in many patients. Cancer immunotherapy has thus emerged as a powerful and promising clinical approach to cancer treatment and represents a remarkable “game-changer” in the fight against cancer. '' Professor Daniel Powell, Immunologist, UPenn


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